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"Handwriting is your DNA, It's your fingerprint that only you can share with others.
Pick up & pen or pencil & write a letter today"



We Are Looking For A Publisher To Publish Our Beautiful New Children's Book

Christine Blackman

artwork by Christabel Blackman


Richard has just completed his sixth book which is about two school children who live in different countries who form a friendship by writing letters to each other, just like many of us did when we had pen pals. By writing letters to each other they find out about each others cultures & how other children their own age live in different parts of the world and at the end of the day they discover that they are both very similar & that they both have a lot in common. The lovely thing about this story is that it is universal. Read more

World Letter Writing Day Workshops

world letter writing day workshops

Richard Simpkin; best selling author & founder of World Letter Writing Day is conducting some very special writing workshops throughout Australia. Click here for more information on how you can get on board or get involved.